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Published on: 24/01/2017

Last October, IRC challenged the citizens of Burkina Faso to propose innovative ideas aiming at achieving the following outcomes:

  • 1,000 households are convinced and committed
  • Funding is mobilised from local sources
  • 1,000 household latrines are built

We would like to warmly thank all the 42 candidates who submitted a proposal and in particular to our three finalists, but unfortunately, after analysis of the proposals submitted, the review committee was unable to award a winner. Although all the proposals were of great significance, none of them was able to offer an adequate cost / outcome ratio. The proposal that showed the best ratio was 0.4 for 1, which unfortunately is no better than current existing approaches.

Nonetheless, IRC would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to the participants for their efforts and their proposals which, we believe, could indeed prove appropriate in other circumstances and lead to effective alternative solutions to deal with the ever-complex issue of financing household sanitation.

To close the competition, compensatory prizes were awarded to the three finalists.

And watch this space, because IRC will continue to seek innovative ideas and to mobilise citizens to make access to sanitation for all a reality!

Thanks again to all!

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