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Market strategy development

Published on: 07/08/2012

Certain steps are needed for strategy development. In a documentation project where IDE Vietnam, Quang Tri province and IRC worked together, some of these steps were drawn up.

The documentation project in which IDE Vietnam, Quang Tri province and IRC documented the steps for integrating sanitation marketing in the provincial rural sanitation programme gives the following elements for strategy development in the demonstration site:  

  • The situation analysis of the sanitation situation and sanitation market
  • The goal, objectives and target(s) of sanitation marketing
  • The target groups and their segmentation
  • Solutions to achieve the objectives and target(s) of the programme, in terms of the “6Ps” (product, price, place, promotion, partnership and policy)
  • The organisations and their potential, roles and  resources to develop a services delivery approach
  • The training needs and strategy
  • Monitoring and evaluation: the aspects, integration in existing system, improvements needed