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Published on: 02/08/2018

Making universal access to water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) a reality for all relies on a strong foundation of national and local systems. These systems are networks of people, organisations, institutions and resources that must work in synchrony if we want to realise this ambitious goal.

Despite this reality, the dominant approach to WASH service development is still 'systems blind'. There is far too much emphasis on building infrastructure - the other essential elements that contribute to resilient WASH systems are not considered. As our Propeller campaign highlights: a handpump is to a safe water system, what a propeller is to an airline: essential but not enough.

The focus of episode 17 of WASH Talk series is therefore on achieving WASH systems. Host, Andy Narracott, speaks with IRC CEO, Patrick Moriarty, and the IRC Country Director of Burkina Faso, Juste Nansi to shed some light on the topic. How and why is the WASH sector behind on a systems-based approach? Listen and learn why: 



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