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Published on: 01/04/2016

For decades, WASH programs have followed a "business as usual" approach of implementing projects that have largely remained focused on the project and under emphasized the broader context. In the rural sub-sector external funding often finances a WASH project that is expected to be maintained entirely by the local beneficiaries. In urban areas, the sustainability of services is often threatened when resources are limited to infrastructure and are not provided for developing and strengthening the capacity of critical institutions.

While external aid can be an important part of the solution, such support too often fails to make links with the broader ecosystem critical for ensuring sustainability. This system normally includes mandated authorities, private sector companies, national and global systems and tools, and local institutions among which the intervention is situated.

This Symposium will break down the silos of WASH projects by exploring methods for evaluating the context in which these interventions are situated, exploring political economy topics and examining how this whole system can be engaged with to ensure that services last over time.

Join us. Find more information on the website. 

We hope to meet you in Kampala. 


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