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Kabarole water users happy with service, but unwilling to pay

Published on: 24/07/2015

In 2014, IRC/Triple-S undertook a water service monitoring survey in Kabarole district to establish the level of water service received by users. The survey was done within the framework of the new Service Delivery Indicators, which were proposed by the Triple-S Initiative to complement the existing Golden Indicators. The proposed SDIs do monitoring beyond the general aspects of rural water service like access, investment, water quality and functioning of management structure. This fact sheet presents the main results from the survey.

The purpose of the survey was to get a better understanding on the status of rural water services; analyse performance of support institutions, and the perception of users towards service delivered. The survey covered 150 point water supply facilities (based on point sources and piped schemes) sampled from the 15 sub counties in Kabarole district. Users of the sampled facilities were interviewed on the level of service they received, and their level of satisfaction.

The survey found that water service delivery is not adhering to the government and sector norms. It also found that while sector statistics show that Kabarole scores highly in terms of water access and coverage, the actual level of service is sub standard. And while water users are happy with the service they receive, their willingness to pay for the service is still low.