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Published on: 09/07/2018

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Although countries have formally agreed to Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG 6), monitoring and reporting on progress remains voluntary and much of the data (if at all available) is scattered, unreliable or incomplete. In order to secure water sanitation and hygiene (WASH) ambitions, this current scenario must change. 

The Global Review of National Accountability Mechanisms for SDG6 looks at national accountability mechanisms for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 6. The review was conducted in 25 countries and led by Coalition Eau, End Water Poverty, Watershed Empowering Citizens Consortium, the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) with the support of Sanitation and Water for All (SWA).

The study's results indicate that while some positive examples of good accountability mechanisms exist at the national level, there is a substantial need for improvement. Much of the global reporting on SDG 6 progress is described as ineffective or limited and the processes that feed them uncoordinated or inappropriate. However, by securing strong and inclusive accountability mechanisms, trust in the system can be improved and we can ensure governments stay on track with their commitments.

The report's findings were based on responses from more than 1,000 participants, alongside interviews and validation meetings with a diverse group of stakeholders. Among the voices included were those from the water resources, drinking water and sanitation (WASH) sector, national and decentralised government, development organisations, education institutions and think tanks. The private sector and trades unions had a limited presence in the study.

Although the global trends in national accountability processes highlight a severe impediment to meeting SDG 6, the report also provides tailored recommendations for governments, civil society organisations, development partners and UN organisations to change the current trajectory.

Watch and share this fun animation for a summary of the report's findings and recommendations:

The study sponsors and participants encourage wide sharing and use of the findings, and welcome feedback. View the tweet sheet in English, Spanish and French and the communications pack here.

To find out more, download the full report in English.

Download the summary of the study (six-pager) in English, French and Spanish.

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