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Published on: 06/03/2018

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs WASH policy for 2016-2030 incorporates a specific commitment to Parliament to focus on and report about the position of women and vulnerable groups.

The topic of IRC's next quarterly WASH debate to be held on 18 April, 2018 is ‘Leaving no one behind; social inclusion in the WASH sector’, addressing how to ensure that also the most vulnerable populations are reached and prioritised.

We will discuss to what extent the Dutch WASH policy addresses this issue, how we can measure progress in social inclusion in access to WASH services, and what can be done to overcome limitations to social inclusion.

Our focus will be on the question: what does 'leaving no one behind' in the WASH sector entail and how can it be put into practice at both policy and programme level.

A distinction between two forms of inclusion will be made:

  1. Final access to WASH services, thus ensuring that everyone gains and maintains ultimate access
  2. Inclusion in decision-making processes about WASH.

At the debate, we intend to address questions such as: how can you measure the extent of inclusion or make it visible? How can you set targets for the degree of inclusion? And how can you remove structural limitations for inclusion.

The provisional programme will include three presentations.

The first, by the Watershed empowering citizens’ programme, will outline a conceptual framework for inclusion, explain different forms of inclusion / exclusion, and ways to overcome exclusion. It will also discuss a number of dilemmas around this theme.

Our second speaker will explain how inclusion is being addressed in the Dutch WASH policy and which measures the Ministry is implementing in practice.

The third presentation will be a case study of one of IRC’s country programmes (probably Ghana or India).

Then we will open the debate where we will go into the above questions.

The WASH Debate will be held at 7AM from 17.00-18.30. For updates visit the IRC Events page or sign up for our WASH Debates mailing list.

Register here for the WASH Debate 'Leaving no one behind; social inclusion in the WASH sector'.


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