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Published on: 28/06/2022

Opening slide WASH Systems Academy course on market-based sanitation

Making sure that even the simplest services are maintained depends on the ongoing collaboration of a complex network of individuals and organisations. It's about strengthening the systems (i.e., the actors and factors) needed to deliver sanitation services.

Market-Based Sanitation (MBS) interventions are a promising approach to addressing (a part) of the global sanitation challenge sustainably and at scale. It is particularly suitable in settings in which households use traditional unimproved pit latrines but do not yet have access to affordable products and services to build an improved sanitation facility.

In this course, Market-Based Sanitation refers to strengthening the private sector in delivering products and services for the construction of improved onsite sanitation facilities, and to increase the willingness of end users to invest in the construction, upgrade, and/or maintenance of a toilet.

The course brings together the latest thinking from around the world and has been developed by IRC, with the support of USAID Transform WASH, in collaboration with PSI and Water For People. It will equip you with insights and tools on the role of Market-Based Sanitation in creating the strong systems needed for universal and lasting sanitation services. The course is available as:

  • A free 12-hour online course on the WASH Systems Academy, ‘Market-Based Sanitation: The basics’ that is self-guided and self-paced.
  • On demand the online course can be customised and combined with structured online support, with webinars and group work or as part of a blended approach in a face-to-face training workshop. 
Course objectives

By the end of the training, you will have a good understanding of the role of Market-Based Sanitation as part of strong water and sanitation systems needed to realise universal and sustainable sanitation services. You will know:

  • What Market-Based Sanitation entails
  • Different approaches to applying Market-Based Sanitation
  • Market-Based Sanitation as an essential part of stronger WASH systems
The WASH Systems Academy

The WASH Systems Academy is collaborative online platform developed to assist water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector professionals with the knowledge and tools to strengthen WASH systems. It now has over 3000 users from 110 countries. It is available on


About Transform WASH

USAID Transform WASH aims to improve water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) outcomes in Ethiopia by increasing market access to and sustained use of a broader spectrum of affordable WASH products and services, with a substantial focus on sanitation.

Transform WASH achieves this by transforming the market for low-cost quality WASH products and services: stimulating demand at the community level, strengthening supply chains, and improving the enabling environment for a vibrant private market.

USAID Transform WASH is a USAID-funded activity implemented by PSI in collaboration with SNV, Plan International, and IRC WASH. The consortium is working closely with government agencies, including the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Water, Irrigation and Electricity, the One WASH National Program, and regional and sub-regional governments


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