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Published on: 30/01/2017


The episodes will cover a range of WASH-related topics linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), such as systems approach; menstrual hygiene management; and monitoring and financing WASH systems.


WASH Talk shares ideas on changes the WASH sector has to make in order to contribute to achieving universal access by 2030. To do so speakers from all over the world are given a voice in this podcast series. Not only specialists from within the WASH sector will share their thoughts. Also, policy makers, human rights activists, and people working directly with water consumers in developing countries are part of a wide range of speakers in this podcast series.

During each episode host Andy Narracott will have a lively discussions with the various speakers to enlighten the listeners on a specific WASH topic. 

Stay tuned

At regular intervals IRC will publish a podcast episode on the website. Follow IRC on SoundCloud so you will never miss an episode!

Share knowledge

Please feel free to participate in the discussion by leaving your comment under the episode in question. The aim of the podcasts is to share knowledge between different actors and levels within the WASH sector. Also, we would be interested in hearing your suggestions for topics or issues you would like to learn more about in future episodes.

Spread the word

Spread the word by sharing the episodes via Twitter using the hashtag #washtalk.


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