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Published on: 27/06/2018

With the launch of our Strategy Framework 2017-2030, we set out how we intend to work with our partners to build resilient water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) systems to deliver Sustainable Development Goal 6 (SDG6) by 2030.

We were guided by our our firm belief in the importance of strong systems for delivering WASH services that last. 

Some of our highlights

Our annual report aims to give you an overview of how our teams have been strengthening WASH systems at district, national and global levels.

Annual Report 2017 Cover

A highlight from Burkina Faso is connected to the Fasotoilettes campaign, which motivates people who have sufficient means to help install a sanitation facility for a relative or a friend who lacks one. The Para Todos, Por Siempre initiative in Honduras continued to strengthen WASH systems in the country and new research in dispersed rural settlements has already improved the lives of some people from Honduras's population without access. All our countries have similar highlights to share, but for those we invite you to to immerse yourself in the 20 colourful pages of our report

To also inspire national and global change, we continued to influence the WASH sector to use more sustainable approaches to service delivery. As a founding member of Agenda For Change, we were delighted to welcome new organisations including CARE, Splash, Water For Good and Welthungerhilfe. Through IRC Consult, we shared and applied our expertise through 17 assignments in 15 countries. Our CEO, Patrick Moriarty, explained that "It's all about the systems, stupid" during his TEDx talk in February. And in November, we launched our daring Patrick's Poo social media campaign for World Toilet Day. With more than 32,000 views, Patrick's Poo is our most popular video so far.

Are you curious to know more?

We've included stories, quotes, photos and infographics to support our updates in our Annual Report 2017. Although you'll find many highlights we're proud of, for more detailed information about our progress and finances, please also read our 2017 Monitoring Report and our 2017 Annual Accounts.

IRC at a glance 2017

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