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Published on: 04/09/2023

IRC WASH Ethiopia has provided five desktop computers and 15 tablet computers to the Amhara Regional Bureau of Water and Energy to support the bureau's WASH monitoring efforts.

The Deputy Head of the Amhara Water Bureau, Tesfaye Abubu, said that the donation is timely as the bureau is planning to focus on post-construction activities such as maintenance and monitoring. He noted that the region has many water schemes that are not functional and need maintenance, but there is no updated data available. The bureau is currently using data that was collected by the Ministry of Water and Energy five years ago.

Tesfaye said that the bureau expects that the water coverage in the region has decreased due to the recent conflict in the north, poor management of the schemes, and other factors. He stressed the need for extensive monitoring and maintenance to improve the water situation in the region.

IT Equipment Handover to the Bureau. Photo by Girmachew Addisu

The computers provided by IRC will be used to collect data on the status of water schemes in the region. The data will be used to inform the bureau's planning and decision-making processes.

In addition to its support to the region, IRC has extended its assistance to three Sustainable WASH programme woredas, including Dera, Farta, and North Mecha. To enhance the woreda monitoring system, IRC has supplied each woreda with a desktop computer, in addition to the two tablet computers that were provided previously.

Zeynu Essa, head of Dera Woreda Water and Energy Office, acknowledged IRC's support in enhancing the asset Management Information System (MIS) through IT equipment. This recognition comes as part of IRC's ongoing efforts to institutionalize the system. Zeynu emphasized the significance of the IT equipment, stating that it would play a crucial role in improving data collection, utilization, and sustainable monitoring for operational purposes such as operation and maintenance, planning, budgeting, and reporting mechanisms.

The support provided by IRC extends beyond hardware, according to Maednew Birhan, head of Farta Woreda Water and Energy Office. He expressed gratitude for IRC's comprehensive assistance, including capacity building, training, and other components related to the MIS. Maednew, representing his woreda, further conveyed recognition by presenting IRC with a certificate of appreciation.

Similarly, Abebe Worku, head of North Mecha Woreda Water and Energy Office, praised IRC for filling a significant gap in their data management capabilities. Abebe highlighted that prior to IRC's intervention, their office lacked functional computers for effective monitoring. He assured IRC through a letter that the IT equipment would be dedicated to strengthening the MIS.

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