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Published on: 29/09/2023

On 19th September in New York at the 2023 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Summit side event on 'Accelerator Actions and Innovative Financing to deliver on the SDGs by 2030,' IRC delivered one of the start-up messages. It was a reflection on key issues about innovative financing - an imperative to accelerate the progress of achievement of the SDGs- from the water, sanitation, and hygiene delivery perspective.

Delivering the message on behalf of IRC, Vida Duti, IRC Ghana Country Director said: "The current discussion on the SDGs is one of interconnectivity rather than individuality of the goals. This shift in discourse re-echoes the need to adopt a systems approach to pushing the SDG agenda and a reflection on our choices of investments. There is need to focus on smart investments that yield greater synergistic effects." Vida Duti presenting at the SDG summit side event

"Strong performing institutional systems are pre-requisite in attracting sustained and innovative finance. Elements of the system includes clear policies, strategies, and investment plans; regulation; clear financing flows and enhanced mutual accountability mechanisms; and strong institutional capacity and clarity of roles; and a learning and adaptive measures through reform."

She added that above all, what is required, is a powerful and visionary systems leadership that sets and enthuses people towards a vision of equitable, inclusive, and resilient growth; and a strong cross-sectoral political leadership at the highest level, with commitment to substantially increase public budgets and investments.

The IRC Ghana Country Director called for more investment in national monitoring systems to track the investments for improved sector-wide/ and inter-sectoral coordination for development effectiveness. She pledged the support of IRC as a civil society organisation (CSO) – "CSOs can be an ally in resource mobilisation, joint sector reviews and in keeping government and private sector accountable. We are excited to be part of this partnership and pledge our support to building strong WASH systems to deliver the SDGs for a just world where no one is left behind."

The high level side event was convened by the Government of Ghana, in collaboration with the Governments of Uganda, Nigeria, and Tonga, the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, the Hilton Foundation, IRC Ghana, and the UN Ghana Country Team.

Here is the full message delivered by IRC at the side event of the 2023 SDG summit.

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Members of the Ghana team_SDG summit
Members of the Ghana team at the SDG Summit

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