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IRC activities in India over the period 2017-2021

Published on: 09/12/2019

IRC has worked for over four decades in India and will continue to do so as outlined in our latest strategy.

IRC has worked in India since the 1975 starting with research on a slow sand filter. Since then, IRC’s work in India has evolved to influencing sustainable water and sanitation services to all. The focus of the work has been to move from infrastructure to a services delivery approach in water and sanitation. We have over the years worked with government, development partners, private sector organisations and NGOs in different capacities.

In line with that, IRC has moved from a technical assistance agency to developing partnerships in-country to strengthen its own and the partners understanding around identification of gaps in policy, policy implementation and suggest solutions towards the same.

We have a collaborative approach and value the learning platforms, we support one of these to provide platforms for sharing learnings, challenges, solutions, etc.

Currently, we work in Odisha and Bihar with technical and implementing partners focusing on institutions and finance for water and sanitation. Learn more about who we are, what we do, plan to do and how, in our Strategic Plan 2017-2021 here.