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Published on: 27/08/2014

In the next few hours, the ITE Central College of Singapore will open its doors to a global delegation of stakeholders representing for-profit and not-for-profit sectors that will convene for the 2014 Base of the Pyramid (BoP) convention and expo, A Brave New Marketplace: Unleashing Opportunities at the Base of the Pyramid.

Initiated by the BoP HUB in 2011, BoP conventions provide a "gateway for business ventures, technologists and manufacturers to access the BoP markets... ['the world's four billion' untapped market] to create faster, easier, better, cheaper ways of delivering goods and services."

During the three-day convention and expo (28-30 August 2014), IRC will join forces with Dutch-based and international organisations in the side event, Global Sanitation Business Matchmaking 2014.

Sanitation investments now, profits for all tomorrow!

At the Global Sanitation Business Matchmaking 2014, IRC's Catarina Fonseca, senior economist, and Ingeborg Krukkert, sanitation and hygiene specialist, will support partners in building a case for the profitability of investment in sanitation.

Activities within the Global Sanitation Business Matchmaking 2014 will be kicked off by a workshop on 28 August, 1:30-5:00 pm. During the workshop, participants will receive an orientation on why sanitation matters for the world's four billion untapped market and why gains in sanitation investments outweigh the costs of delivering (and maintaining) infrastructure and hygienic practice.

True to the title of the initiative, one-on-one matchmaking exercises (and a boardroom session slated on 29 August) will be organised to prep sanitation entrepreneurs in pitching their ideas. During these sessions, tips in strengthening business proposals will be shared.

A plenary feedback session will culminate the activities of Global Sanitation Business Matchmaking 2014 on the last day of the convention, 30 August.

Follow Catarina Fonseca and Ingeborg Krukkert at @IRCWASH as they tweet live on the events'  developments and activities.


* Global Sanitation Business Matchmaking 2014 is a collective undertaking led by Aqua for All. Scroll down to access links to Aqua for All's work for the base of the pyramid for more information.

By Vera van der Grift and Anjani Abella




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