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Published on: 13/06/2017

Amplify newsletter

Amplify replaces E-Source, the last edition of which was published in March 2017. Why Amplify? Because we want to amplify the voice of those advocating a different approach to WASH and also because we need to amplify our collective efforts if we are to achieve the global goal of universal and sustainable access to water, sanitation and hygiene by 2030.

Amplify’s primary purpose is to champion a systems agenda in WASH: systems approaches, systems change and above all national systems strengthening. As our new strategy framework sets out, we believe that creating strong national WASH systems is the only solution to providing sustainable WASH services to everyone on the planet by 2030.

What do we mean by a systems agenda? Basically anything that acknowledges that providing WASH services is about more than pouring concrete (though that’s important too!) or for that matter setting up new businesses. A systems agenda understands and engages with the inherent complexity of delivering and then keeping services running day in and day out. It understands that behind a functioning tap or latrine there is a web of people, money, policy and hardware all of whom need to work together effectively and indefinitely. It’s difficult, messy and often hard to define work, but it’s essential if we’re to make lasting progress.

Amplify will provide a voice for people engaging with a systems agenda

Through Amplify we will champion and share our own work on WASH systems while also supporting the growing community of like-minded organisations and individuals applying and championing systems-based approaches. Amplify will provide a voice for people engaging with a systems agenda, and also for people working within WASH systems (whether as a hand pump mechanic or minister of water). It will provide a platform for our own activities like our Sustainable WASH Systems Initiative (SWS) project, as well as for wider initiates in which we’re involved like the Agenda for Change, or indeed any systems strengthening initiative of interest.

Amplify will be produced more or less monthly. Moving forward we’re on the lookout for stories illustrating the reality of working to build strong WASH systems. If you are involved in systems building work, have a story to share, a recent publication to highlight, or any other activity that you think is worth sharing – we’d love to hear from you. We’d also love to hear any feedback you have about what formats and sorts of information are most useful to you. Maybe you would like to recommend some inspiring people for us to interview. Please send your feedback to

Read the inaugural issue of Amplify.

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