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Published on: 23/10/2013

Road in Venkatapuram, India

At SACOSAN-V in Nepal, IRC shared the WASHCost Calculator with South Asian governments and organisations working on sustainable sanitation.

IRC Associate Kathy Shordt gave a sneak preview of the WASHCost Calculator advanced tool based on an example from Venkatapuram, India on how the tool can support the financial sustainability of sanitation services. She recruited participants at SacoSan to test the tool with their own data to guide the development of the final version.

Venkatapuram is an award winning open defecation free village.  The tool will provide a report on the status of sanitation and the expenditure/costs of those sanitation services over time. What do the figures say about the sanitation situation?

The video below gives a quick 2 minute introduction to the WASHCost Calculator, and the links below will give you more information about SACOSAN and WASHCost.

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