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Published on: 15/07/2011

UAE-based charity Dubai Care has launched a program to improve hygiene education activities in 450 schools in the Indonesian provinces of Nusa Tenggara Timor, Papua, West Papua and South Sulawesi. In total, 90,000 schoolchildren in Indonesia will benefit from the program, which is a collaborative initiative of Dubai Cares with the Government of Indonesia, UNICEF, Care International and Save the Children.

Known as WISE – ‘water, sanitation and hygiene in support of school empowerment’ – the program will construct new sanitation, hand washing and water facilities and support community-led initiatives to better manage water and sanitation activities in the selected areas.

Dubai Cares contributed US$ 5.5 million to the two-year program, UNICEF US$ 3 million along with US$ 1 million each from Care International and Save the Children.

Besides construction of water and sanitation facilities, the program includes training of teachers and community representatives on delivering effective hygiene education. It will support school committees to better manage available budgets to include water, sanitation and hygiene components, as well as the government’s national Usaha Kesehatan Sekolah (Healthy Schools) program.

Dubai Cares and 10 other organisations including UNICEF and IRC contributed to the 2010 Call to Action for WASH in Schools.

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Source: Dubai Cares, 25 Apr 201

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