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How effective is external aid to the Honduran water and sanitation sector?

Published on: 22/09/2014

Improving aid effectiveness across the WASH sector is a key aim of IRC.

Photo: Andres GilImproving the effectiveness of aid is about the impact of development co-operation on the social and economic development of a country. In the water, sanitation and hygiene sector this means: ensuring aid enhances the capacities of developing countries to deliver and sustain safe, reliable water and sanitation services (WASH) and behavior change for hygiene and sanitation.

IRC is contributing to improving aid effectiveness by active membership of Sanitation and Water for All Partnership, supporting the African Working Group of the European Water Initiative and by conducting research – for example providing support in analyses and syntheses to UN-Water GLAAS report. IRC also supports governments in developing robust sector capacity able to optimise all available (domestic and external) resources towards providing and sustaining water, sanitation and hygiene services for all.

In Honduras, IRC works together with CONASA on a study looking into the external aid to the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. Objective of the study is to identify opportunities for increased effectiveness of the resources invested by donors, but also to document the challenges. Over the past couple of months, a series of interviews was carried out with:

  • representatives from national government were interviewed, including those from the Ministry of Finance (la Secretaria de Finanzas (SEFIN) , and the Ministry of Planning and External Cooperation. 
  • representatives of the governmental agencies receiving external aid for WASH (FHIS, SANAA, CONASA, ERSAPS).
  • And with representatives from entities active at decentralised level: municipality of Comayagua and Jesús de Otoro and the Associaction of Municipalities of Güisayote.
  • representatives from the NGOs Water For People, CARE and Catholic Relief Services (CRS).

In parallel to the interviews, a desk study was set-up to start to analyse the different aid modalities. 

Preliminary results of the study will be presented and discussed with sector stakeholders before the end of this year.