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Published on: 15/05/2018

Host Andy Narracott talks to social entrepreneur Kathy Walkling from Eco Femme and Associate Professor Dr Padmalaya Das, from the Asian Institute of Public Health (AIPH) about the economic, social, health and environmental aspects of menstrual hygiene management in India. “Pad Man”, the Bollywood film inspired by the life of Arunachalam Muruganantham has at least helped to bring the topic of menstruation into the public arena, though it has been criticised for being “too good to be true”.

Padmalaya maintains that economic deprivation remains the main cause of poor menstrual hygiene practices in India. Many low-income groups still can’t afford the low-cost disposable pads produced by the likes of the Pad Man. Kathy adds that those  disposable pads, especially the high-tech branded ones, cause environmental problems where solid waste management services are weak.

Both disposable pads and the reusable ones produced by Eco Femme, can cause serious health problems if they are not used properly. This is where awareness raising about personal hygiene, clean water and a private space for changing and/or cleaning pads play an important role.

To get the full story listen to the podcast and check out the links and resources below. 

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