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Published on: 09/08/2021

On track to achieve the 2030 vision

"The good people of Asutifi North District have embraced this programme and are wholeheartedly committed to its full implementation and sustainability to improve the quality of life for all people in the district."
- Honorable Anthony Mensah, District Chief Executive of Asutifi North District Assembly

Despite COVID-19, we made steady progress in strengthening WASH systems at the district and national levels.

The district was able to respond quickly to COVID-19 challenges and bring in new partners and funding to support response activities especially in health care facilities.

We continued to play our hub role at the district level for the Asutifi North Ahonidie Mpontuo (ANAM) initiative and supported the implementation of the master plan.

A WASH help desk – set up in 2019 – has quickly become a space for citizens to raise issues about services. By October 2020, 204 complaints had been received and 150 had been resolved.

We are well on track to achieve the water related targets of our 2030 vision. We are also confident that Asutifi is on track to achieving basic water for all in 2022. We will continue working with our partners to ensure that we implement solutions that reach the very last person in the district - the vulnerable, and people living in dispersed settlements and hamlets. We will also make sure that Asutifi North's vision is financed. Currently, 67% of the capital required for water up to 2021 has been committed, and there is a 79% gap in the total capital required to achieve the 2030 vision.

At the national level we supported the review of the national water policy, a study tour for Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) to Uganda (on rural utilities), and collaborated with the National Development Planning Commission to document inspiring WASH initiatives in three districts in Ghana, including our own work in Asutifi North district. This has inspired the development of a WASH toolkit which will guide the planning and piloting of the district master planning process in selected districts all over Ghana.

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