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Highlights from our focus countries in 2020: Burkina Faso

Published on: 20/07/2021

Burkina at a glance

What impact did we have in our focus countries in 2020? Sharing highlights from IRC's Annual Report.

Catalysing change from the local level

"Since the arrival of IRC, the water and sanitation sector has been continuously improving. We therefore thank IRC and all our partners for their work."
- Siaka Soulama, First Deputy Mayor of Banfora district.

Despite security challenges and COVID-19, Banfora district progressed well with the implementation of its master plan.

Its COVID-19 response plan was developed under the leadership of the Mayor's office, and brought together partners – Catholic Relief Services, Espace Culturel Gambidi (a local NGO) and IRC - in a united effort to align activities and mobilise funding to prepare for the pandemic.

Thirteen million euros were committed for financing the first phase of achieving Banfora's vision. This means that 90% of the capital required for 2018-2020 was committed. The funding for the first phase - which mainly came from the Ministry of WASH and the national utility, ONEA – helped reach an estimated 55,000 additional people with basic or safely managed water services in Banfora.

The district is already serving as an example for others. The European Union is supporting us to together with ONEA to adopt elements of the Banfora approach in 93 additional communes,
and to develop full master plans in five of these.

These successes have created momentum, but local leaders and partners understand that as we approach 2030, the mobilisation of additional resources for the master plan must receive priority attention. As the finance figure shows, only 66% of the total capital required to achieve Banfora's 2030 vision has been committed so far.

We will therefore, continue playing our part in supporting local and national level systems change.

2020 was election year in Burkina Faso and we put significant effort into ensuring that WASH featured in all political campaigns. The winner - M. Kaboré - was the candidate who presented the strongest political commitment to WASH.

Financing the vision in Banfora. US$15.5 m needed for water from 2018 to 2020 - 90% commitment. US$21.1m required for water until 20230 - 66% committed.

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