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Highlights from our focus countries in 2019: Honduras

Published on: 28/07/2020

What impact did we have in our focus countries in 2019? Sharing highlights from IRC's Annual Report.

IRC at a glance Honduras

Strengthening the WASH sector needs everyone, forever

Our work in Honduras is channelled through the Para Todos, Por Siempre (PTPS) – Everyone, Forever – movement which we support by providing strategic direction, monitoring and project management support as well as liaison with and advocacy towards national government.

We're noticing a rise in political attention to WASH. This is in part driven by activities undertaken by PTPS but is mostly related to the scarcity of water for the capital city, Tegucigalpa, and the broader water resources situation in the country – drought in some departments, and a new general Water Law. Finally, there have been institutional changes in the sector, that provide the opportunity for stronger leadership.

A significant milestone was the establishment of a commission for sector reform after awareness raising and advocacy by PTPS. As part of this advocacy we brought together 40 mayors from across the country, who jointly made a call for greater attention for WASH in the national agenda. Martín Rivera, the PTPS coordinator, has a seat on this commission. Together with various government agencies, they are identifying and implementing an agenda for further sector strengthening.

This also shows the role of PTPS in the sector. It is now effectively the main multistakeholder platform for WASH. As Omar del Cid of CONASA (the National Water and Sanitation Council) said during the annual monitoring meeting of PTPS: 'These developments in the sector would certainly not have happened without PTPS'. But in order to move forward, the sector needs evidence and well-thought through action plans. So, in 2019, we started documenting our eight years of experiences and lessons learned while working on achieving safe and sustainable WASH services for everyone in Honduras, forever.

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