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Published on: 21/07/2020

Ethiopia at a glance

Ethiopia: Getting traction with collective action

"We are giving attention to water because of the learning alliance. It is helping the government and community gain more information." Yohanis Melti, Head of South Ari Woreda Water Office

Collective action can take different forms, but it is inherently about working together. We're happy to see our partnerships with other NGOs and with government at woreda, zonal, regional, national levels and across countries growing stronger every day.

As members of the Millennium Water Alliance (MWA) we are working in Dera, Farta and North Mecha districts. Through the USAID Sustainable WASH Systems Learning Partnership we are working in Mile and South Ari districts. As part of WASH SDG consortium, we are working in Arsi Negelle and Shashemane.

In 2019, in our role as a change hub and technical support, we worked with these districts to develop their master plans, and to strengthen their monitoring and scheme management systems. We also supported their participation at international events, such as the All systems go! WASH symposium.

The learning alliances we set up are gaining traction and support from local government and partner organisations. The agendas and the content of the meetings are being co-created by alliance members, showing the first signs of co-ownership of the platform.

In 2020, we will support some of the districts to finalise their WASH master plans; and we aim to strengthen partnerships with fewer districts to focus our attention on achieving SDG 6 by 2030. We will continue to support other areas through partnerships, networks and consultancy projects.

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