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Good practice for WASH in Wassa East District, Ghana

Published on: 29/09/2020

Video on good water and sanitation practices in Wassa East District documented by NDPC and IRC Ghana.

In 2016, Wassa East District in Ghana had roughly 56% coverage which was a concern. The district faced a water crisis, 6 in 10 water facilities were not functioning properly and payment systems had largely broken down. The District Assembly launched a Sustainable WASH for All programme and looked for partners to help them as their financial status was problematic.

With the help of the private sector and the third sector i.e. NGOs and social enterprises such as Access Development, the District Assembly was able to start improving the water services. Access Development provides Numa purified water to communities signed up to the pay-as-you-fetch model. People are willing to pay for safe water that is available in convenient spots. With the help of the Community Water and Sanitation Agency, a community-led total sanitation was launched in 15 communities.

This video tells the story of good WASH practices in Wassa East and shows that WASH is very important to the development of the district. It is part of a series of best practice stories on meeting the Sustainable Development Goal challenges for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) in three selected districts in Ghana. The stories were documented by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) together with IRC Ghana.

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