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Published on: 21/06/2021

Fundraising for WASH the basics

This free 8-hour course aims to strengthen your capacity, and inspire you to raise funds for creating and strengthening universal WASH services.

Fundraising is about creating opportunities for people to invest in causes they believe in. About making a powerful link between the world's challenges and your unique position to solve them.

Watch this short animation introducing what fundraising for WASH is all about.

Course objectives

The course's learning objectives are to understand the basics of fundraising. After completing this course, you will know:

  • what is fundraising
  • how to start mapping the funding landscape
  • different approaches to fundraising
  • how to develop a draft pitch
  • how to identify, assess and respond to opportunities

Course content

The course provides resources, tools and experiences to help you review the funding landscape of all the potential opportunities for raising funds for your cause. It explains how you can pursue opportunities in the funding landscape that show potential and provides tips and tricks on programme development and proposal writing.

Throughout the course, you will hear many insights from both donors, WASH experts and fundraisers on raising funds for universal WASH services.

Session overview

This course covers the fundraising basics for WASH. Go through the course following all sessions in consecutive order (i.e. from session 1 to 5). The estimated course duration is a minimum of eight hours.

  • Session 1
    Fundraising for WASH
  • Session 2
    The funding landscape
  • Session 3
    Approaches to fundraising
  • Session 4
    Approaching donors
  • Session 5
    Responding to opportunities


Why follow this course?

Attracting funds is not just asking for money. It is about forming relationships. You connect donors to projects that inspire them. This needs creative ideas and proactive people who can identify and maximise existing opportunities. Team up with new partners and build on each other's strengths to create new connections and solutions.

All staff in an organisation have a role to play in raising your organisation's visibility, creating influence, and establish new funding streams. A first step to success: Build your knowledge of the funding landscape: know who to target, where, when, and more importantly how.

The certificate

If you successfully complete all the tests at the end of each session with a score of 75% or more, you can download a digital certificate of completion.

Accessing the course

This free course is provided on the WASH Systems Academy. Sign-up or login to existing accounts at:

WASH systems academt

The WASH Systems Academy is an initiative of IRC
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