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Published on: 13/04/2022

Over 2500 beneficiaries from five hard-to-reach communities and five deprived schools are celebrating the flow of safe water for the first time and the provision of sanitation and hygiene services in their communities and schools.

In March 2018, the Asutifi North District in Ahafo region of Ghana, launched the Asutifi North Ahonedie Mpuntuo (ANAM) initiative to deliver access to safe water, sanitation, and hygiene services for every person in the district by 2030. The ANAM Partnership has since made steady progress towards the advancement of the collective vision of providing sustainable access to safe WASH services in the district.

However, as of the year 2020, twenty-one of the forty-nine communities in the district, considered as hard to access with scattered settlements, had no water services. Also, about twenty-seven of the seventy-three public schools in the district did not have access to basic drinking water services on school premises. Pupils resorted to collecting water outside the school area, mostly from unsafe and unimproved sources.

In 2021, the Latter-Day Saints Charities, under the ANAM initiative, identified this challenge and invested in expanding water and sanitation services to five hard-to-reach communities, five deprived schools, and sixty vulnerable households in the district within one year period.

This video looks at the impact the Latter-Day Saints Charities intervention has had on water and sanitation services in the selected hard-to-reach communities and deprived schools. It shows significant change over the past one year period.

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