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Published on: 16/03/2021

Finance for sustainable WASH systems

A lack of finance is one of the main reasons for unsustainable services, leaving many people without access. Through this 16-hour course, you will learn how to attract more funding for water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) services and how to use existing funds more efficiently and effectively.

The course is self-guided and self-paced and will be made available for free on WASH Systems Academy.


Breaking the cycle

We need to break the cycle. Improving the WASH sector's performance will make it more attractive to investors. This will lead to increased funding and ultimately, access to universal and sustainable WASH services.

We have good ideas about what makes WASH services resilient but understanding how to pay for them in ways that will be sustainable over time has remained more elusive. Until now.

Developed in collaboration with IRC, and Water For People, a new course called Finance for sustainable WASH systems’ brings together the latest thinking from around the world to equip you with the insights and tools to accelerate finance for more resilient WASH systems that can deliver sustainable services to all.

By the end of the course, participants will have a good understanding of finance as an essential part of sustainable WASH systems. You will know:

  • how finance is one of the essential building blocks for universal and sustainable WASH services
  • what finance for universal and sustainable WASH services entails
  • the status of finance for universal WASH services
  • ways to strengthen finance for more resilient WASH systems

Accessing the course

This free course is provided on the WASH Systems Academy. Sign-up or login to existing accounts at:

Session overview

The course content is as follows:

Session 1: Introducing the finance building block
Session 2: Life-cycle costs
Session 3: Funding life-cycle costs
Session 4: Status of WASH finance
Session 5: Increase efficiencies
Session 6: Maximise existing funding
Session 7: Mobilse more funding
Session 8: Use repayable finance
Session 9: Adopt innovative approaches
Session 10: Adopting innovative approaches
Certificate upon course completion

Each session has an average estimated duration of 1.5 hours.

The WASH Systems Academy

The WASH Systems Academy is a collaborative platform bringing together the knowledge, tools, and experiences of a wide range of organisations and networks engaged in WASH systems strengthening. It has been initiated, developed, and hosted by IRC. For a full list of available courses, see the landing page.

 Join us in conversation online using #WASHfinance

 In collaboration with

Water for people


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