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Ethiopian Public Health Institute

Published on: 30/04/2013

In April 2013, the National Research Institute of Health, the Ethiopian Nutrition Institute and the Department of Traditional Medicine (DTM) of the Ministry of Health merged to become the Ethiopian Public Health Institute. The Institute receives funding from the Netherlands Institute of Public Health and the Environment.

Key activities: The Institute has a mandate to improve drinking water quality throughout Ethiopia. It  is a local partner in the 'Source to Tap and Back' water supply project led by Vitens Evides International. In this project, the Institute provides water quality monitoring expertise and supports capacity building on water safety plans.

Where the Ethiopian Public Health Institute work: Throughout the country.

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Contact: Dr. Amha Kebede and Dr. Yibeltal are Director and Deputy director. Reach Dr. Amha on +251911213301 and and Dr. Yibeltal on +251911213300 and, or in the office on +251112754647.