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Published on: 31/10/2012

The Chief Executive Officer of the  Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) , Mr. Clement Bugase in this video interview talks about the changing role of his institution as the agency seeks  to enhance its ability as a regulator more than a facilitator for the delivery of physical water and sanitation facilities. Mr. Bugase speaks about CWSAs’ role in enhancing the delivery of rural water services in Ghana; the capacity gap that exists in the delivery of water services at the sub national levels; the value addition of the Triple-S and WASHCost projects to CWSA’s work and the agency’s future.

The Community Water and Sanitation Agency  is the host agency for the Triple-S Project in Ghana. Triple-S is working with the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) to:

  • Revise policies and operational guidelines to improve coherency and strengthen post-construction support, including a national financing mechanism to ensure major rehabilitation of water infrastructure is covered as a part of life-cycle costs.
  • Define national indicators for sustainability and establish district and national baselines to inform investment decisions and remedial actions.
  • Strengthen the framework of local government accountability and oversight.
  • Carry out action research and learning in three districts to develop and test a decentralized framework for water service delivery under the Community Ownership and Management Model

October 31,2012 

Lamisi Dabire

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