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Published on: 11/06/2015

Community management is the common model for rural water supply, but it has limitations, particularly when it comes to the ability to sustain services over the long-term. In an effort to identify what works and what doesn't when it comes to community management, the Community Water Plus project is investigating successful community-managed rural water supply programmes and approaches across India. The following twenty are the cases that the project focuses on. These have been selected on the basis of a review of literature and expert advice. The twenty also provide a diversity of cases in terms of technology used and the institutional arrangements, and an effort has been made to ensure they represent the diversity of rural areas in the different States in the country. The titles in the overview below direct you to the full research reports. Next to the titles a link to the corresponding briefing note can be found. 

  1. Gravity-fed water supply in Mandi district, Himachal Pradesh [briefing note
  2. Support to community-managed rural water supplies in the Uttarakhand Himalayas - the Himmotthan Water Supply and Sanitation initiative [briefing note]
  3. 24x7 water supply in Punjab: international funding for local action [briefing note]
  4. Swajaldhara programme in Jaipur district, Rajasthan [briefing note]
  5. Users becoming managers of water supply- An initiative of Water and Sanitation Management Organization, Gandhinagar District, Gujarat [briefing note]
  6. Support to community-managed rural water supply by the Water and Sanitation Management Organization in Kutch District, Gujarat [briefing note]
  7. Empowered Community – Secured Safe Water Supply; in parts of Dhar District, Madhya Pradesh 
    [briefing note]
  8. Maharashtra PHED support to community-managed water supply, Amravati district [briefing note]
  9. Chhatisgarh Public Health Engineering Department support to community managed rural water supply [briefing note]
  10. Community-managed water supply- An initiative of Drinking Water and Sanitation Department (Ranchi west division), Jharkhand [briefing note]
  11. Understanding resource implications of the "plus" in community management of rural water supply systems in India: the case of Gram Vikas in Odisha [briefing note]
  12. Community-managed handpumps in Patharpratima, West Bengal [briefing note]
  13. Community-managed rural water supply in South Sikkim district [briefing note]
  14. Tribal communities managing the water supply – a success story from Meghalaya [briefing note]
  15. Decentralised drinking water service delivery – A Public Private partnership of water purification units in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh [briefing note]
  16. Jal Nirmal and beyond: supporting the community management of rural water supply in Belagavi district, Karnataka [briefing note]
  17. Jalanidhi programme in Nenmeni Panchayath, Wayanad District, Kerala [briefing note
  18. Community-managed rural water supply in Malappuram district, Kerala [briefing note]
  19. Tamil Nadu Rural Water Supply programme in Kathirampatti Village Panchayat [briefing note]
  20. Supporting community-managed water supply in Morappur, Tamil Nadu [briefing note]

The map below provides the location of all case studies.


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