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Published on: 17/12/2014

Over three phases, the BRAC WASH (water sanitation and hygiene) Programme has demonstrated a willingness to learn, adapt and innovate, finding new ways to promote safe practices and hygienic sanitation and introducing technologically innovative ways to provide safe water in difficult terrain and hard to reach areas. Behaviour change lies at the heart of the WASH programme. BRAC WASH has the support of IRC as a knowledge partner in streamlining messages, monitoring behaviour change and documenting and sharing the programme. 

The programme is financially supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (EKN), the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) and the BRAC Strategic Partnership Arrangement (SPA) between BRAC, DFID and AusAID.

The pages below act as an introduction to what has been achieved and how and summarise aspects of the programme. They are based on a series of extended posters that were developed for the programme's annual review for 2014. More detailed descriptions and findings will be published in papers being prepared for a review of the programme to be held in March 2015.

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