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Published on: 17/03/2015

Are you from the media and do you need a quote or an expert opinion on topics related to water, sanitation and hygiene?

Contact the IRC Press Team to arrange for an interview with one of our experts at:

Tel.: +31-70-304 4062

 AdvocacyElynn WaltersElynn Walter, International advocacy expert | lead US partnerships, MPH, Global Health
Recent publicationWASH global advocacy landscape 2015 (2015)
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 FinanceDr. Catarina Fonseca, Senior Programme Officer, PhD Water Sciences
Recent publication: Priceless! Uncovering the real costs of water and sanitation (2014)
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 MonitoringMarieke Adank, Programme Officer, MSc, Irrigation and Water Engineering
Recent publication: The state of handpump water services in Ghana: findings from three districts (2014)
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Erick Baetings, Senior Programme Officer, MSc Water and Environmental Management for Developing Countries
Recent publication: Towards systemic change in urban sanitation (2014)
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 ServicesStef Smits, Senior Programme Officer, MSc Irrigation and Water Engineering
Recent publication: Reimagining rural water services : the future agenda (2015)
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 SustainabilityDr. Patrick Moriarty, CEO, PhD Water Resources Management
Recent publication: Trends in rural water supply : towards a service delivery approach (2013)
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Transparency & Water securityDr. John Butterworth, Senior Programme Officer, PhD Soil Sciences
Recent publications on TransparencyMainstreaming anti-corruption initiatives : development of a water sector strategy in Mozambique (2014)
Recent publication on Water Security: Self-supply as a formal service delivery model for rural water in Ethiopia : ambition, approaches, challenges and opportunities (2015)
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