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AfricaSan Award Triggers 2 million Dollar Investment and Counting

Published on: 03/08/2015

As a result of Africasan Award for Youth going to Maji na Ufanisi for its work with Kongowea Youth, Mombasa County Government has decided to invest $2 milllion within the next one year to extend the initiative of youth managing WASH.

A unique partnership between Mombasa County, Kongowea Traders Association and Maji na Ufanisi, with seed funding from Government of Sweden, has provided youth with opportunity to salvage failed market toilets while building a thriving, independently managed facilities that serve over 20,000 market users every day.

Having used open, participatory and integrated approach in identifying project sites, participants and beneficiaries, together with the local municipal council and community leaders, the intervention utilizes an entrepreneurial model focusing on running the hygiene and sanitation services as a business.

Youth are organized into strong groups which are trained in business management, commercial marketing and given behaviour change and communication approaches to ensure they treat their customers well.

As a result, those managing these services are able to improve their income and livelihoods through the financial proceeds generated from the sanitation and hygiene business. Many of them are now taking evening classes in commercial and technical courses to improve their skills as well as have a chance for upgrading in their work.

Short term surplus cash above what is necessary for operation and maintenance and emergency services is ploughed back into the community- to finance vocational courses for the disabled within the community- so they also get a chance to get skilled employment.