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Published on: 05/06/2014

The forum at workAbout the Forum

Sustainability has been a key focus throughout the WASH sector for several years; however, many organizations have had trouble translating broad discussions into field programming. Building off of previous forums that focused on the concepts of sustainability, the 5th WASH Sustainability Forum introduced practical approaches and tools for applying sanitation, hygiene, and water sustainability principles. Organised as a mix of hands-on sessions, engaging small group discussions, and impactful plenary presentations, this Forum exposed participants to practical tools and approaches that can be applied within the context of their own work.

This event was organised and supported by the following organisations: Aguaconsult, Global Water Challenge, IRC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, UNICEF, WASH Advocates, and the Water and Sanitation Program of the World Bank.

Forum agenda and Pre-read

The Forum track leads supported the organising team in developing an exciting agenda with three parallel tracks on sustainability tools for water, sanitation and hygiene.Find the links below to the overall Forum agenda and track agenda.

The Forum pre-read was prepared by the Forum Track Leads and Organising Committee. It provides short overviews of WASH sustainability tools as they apply to the three tracks of the Forum, namely: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene. Each address the meaning of sustainability for that sub‐sector, the current state of tools, and the challenges, gaps, and opportunities moving forward. Additionally, they provide a framework for each track during the 2014 WASH Sustainability Forum, contextualising the presentations and framing the starting point for discussions.


Join the conversations on Twitter - or follow what is going on by downloading the WASH 2014 Forum daily newsletters. will post further updates including the unanswered questions from the final panel discussion on their website and over the next year several webinars are planned. Past webinar recordings and information can be found on their website.

Forum report

The 2014 WASH sustainability Forum Report synthesizes the materials presented, explores opportunities for applying the outcomes and provides recommendations for next steps in WASH Sustainability.

Daily newsletter

Two daily newsletter with highlights, participants' views and lessons learned are available for download. 


The Keynote speech of Patrick Moriarty focuses on the challenge beyond tools. Find out more in Patrick's 3-part blog series. Get a flavour for highlights from the water, sanitation and hygiene tracks in three blogs by Carmen da Silva Wells.

Forum photos

Images from the Forum by Felix Kalkman : check out the album on Flickr.

Forum video

IRC's Cor Dietvorst with the support of Thomas Hurkxkens interviewed Forum participants. Check out the official Forum video featuring Chaitali Chattopadhyah, WSSCC, Charles Yeboah, Safe Water Network, Joanne McGriff, Center for Global Safe Water, Emory University, Hajra Mukasa Ministry of Water and Environment Uganda, Prakhar Goel, Control Union, Barbara Evans, University of Leeds, Naabia Ofosu-Amaah, Global Environment & Technology Foundation and Guy Norman, WSUP. A link to the video on the ideal WASH sustainability tool can be found below.



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