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IRC 50 Timeline: Showcasing 50 years of WASH systems that transform lives

Published on: 18/05/2018

Celebrating our inspiring and productive past with our historic timeline

In December, 2018, IRC celebrated 50 years of existence. As part of our festivities, we have summarised our half a century's worth of work into a cohesive and dynamic timeline. See it here.

Initially, IRC was an annex of the Dutch Government Institute of Drinking Water Supply, but soon after became an independent organisation and premier research and knowledge centre. Since our establishment, we have seen our organisation grow from a single office in The Netherlands to now having four country offices with a reach that spans a total of 25 countries.

Over the course of all these years, our brand and approach may have changed, but our mission and vision have always remained the same. We are think-and-do tank working with partners in programmes all over the world built on the united vision of achieving universal access to water and sanitation and the validation for what we do stems from the fact we are fighting for human rights.

We invite you to explore some of our remarkable moments, resources and contributions—to see how far we have evolved over time. We are an organisation that is proud of our past. Look back at our history and learn how it has shaped us to the organisation we are now.


Our original office in 13 Parkweg, The Hague, The Netherlands. Click on image to go to the IRC 50 Historic Timeline.