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Published on: 28/05/2014

These 1-pagers describe sustainability assessment tools for WASH interventions. The 25 tools described were reviewed as part of the Triple-S project and are further elaborated on in Working paper 10: ' Mapping of WASH sustainability tools ', (Ryan Schweitzer,Claire Grayson and Harold Lockwood, May 2014).

1-page summaries of the each tool can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Tool nameOrganisation/individual

Project or Programme Tools

Sustainability Assessment Tool (SAT)AGUASAN Group
Gender Analysis Snapshot (GAS)CARE International
Governance into Functionality Tool (GiFT)CARE International
Local Government IWRM Support AssessmentCARE International
WASH Life-cycle assessmentChalmers University of Technology/ University of South Florida
Sustainability Monitoring FrameworkDutch WASH Alliance
WASHCost toolIRC
Planning-oriented sustainability assessment framework for peri-urban water management in developing countries (POSAF)Starkl et al (2013)
Sustainability Check (SC) UNICEF
WASH Sustainability Index Tool (SIT)USAID/Rotary International (Aguaconsult Ltd)
Tool for Planning, Predicting and Evaluating Sustainability (ToPPES)Water and Sanitation for Africa (WSA)
Methodology for Participatory Assessment (MPA)Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) /IRC

Sector Tools

WASH Sustainability Sector Assessment ToolIRC / Aguaconsult Ltd
WASH Bottleneck Analysis Tool (WASH-BAT)UNICEF
Sub-sector scorecard *Water and Sanitation Program/National Governments
Enabling Environment AssessmentWater and Sanitation Program
Sector Wide Investment and Financing Tool (SWIFT)Water and Sanitation Program
Rural Water and Sanitation Information System (SIASAR)Water and Sanitation Program/National Governments

Technology or Infrastructure Focus

Check Up Program for Small Systems (CUPSS)Environmental Protection Agency (US-EPA)
Financing for Environmental, Affordable and Strategic Investments that Bring on Large-scale Expenditure (FEASIBLE)OECD/EAP Task Force and COWI
Technology Applicability Framework (TAF) and Technology Introduction Process (TIP)Skat Foundation

Other (basin, community, organisation)

Road map for Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM) in River BasinsCARE International
Sustainability SnapshotWaterAid
Water for Life Sustainability RatingImprove International

The assessment included a review of over 220 tools. The working paper presents the 25 tools with clear content and a methodology for understanding, measuring, or predicting sustainability in short practical summary sheets (1-pagers). The paper can also be downloaded below. 

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