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2018 - a year of master plans, our 50th birthday and more

Published on: 25/06/2019

IRC's Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2018 cover

2018 was the second year of our refreshed strategy, which focuses on the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal 6 – access to safe water and sanitation available for everyone, for good by 2030. It was also our 50th birthday, making it a fitting year to celebrate a transformed organisation and mission.

District WASH master plans

The particular highlight of 2018 was the development and launch of master plans for universal water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) service provision by two of our partner districts in Burkina Faso and Ghana (with more developed in 2019). Each plan represents the first time that local authorities have committed to the aim of achieving universal access by 2030. They are the result of a process of strong political leadership and collective action by a broad coalition in each district. The plans, processes and partnerships aligned behind this work represent the end of a critical first step in our Theory of Change. They are the end of the beginning. They also highlight the challenges to come, not least mobilising the necessary finance to meet their ambitious goals and scaling up this systems approach to other districts.

Our change hub role

The type of support we give is often referred to as a 'hub role' - it drives and facilitates change, and is a role that may be invisible to outsiders.

"The hub role at the district level - is about being able to pull the different actors together, about ensuring all partners have a well-defined role, co-ordinating the processes in a manner which makes sense. We provide support for our partners who don't have presence in the district. We create avenues for learning. We document what is working and what is not, so that successes can be taken and replicated." - Benjamin Agbemor, IRC Ghana, supporting the Asutifi North district to reach full WASH coverage by 2030.

Change hub infographic

Snapshots from our focus countries

Each of our focus countries have stories to tell. From supporting the development of master plans in our partner districts Asutifi North and Banfora to running in the heat to raise awareness and motivate action for improved sanitation in the latter. From developing policy guidelines to reach small and remote settlements with WASH services in Honduras to supporting the Hand Pump Mechanics Association in Uganda with providing faecal sludge management services. From building capacity in budget tracking in India to establishing and facilitating learning alliances in Ethiopia.

Our Annual Report 2018 takes you on a journey through all these highlights. For more detailed information about our progress and finances, please also read our 2018 Monitoring Report and our 2018 Annual Accounts

IRC at a glance 2018