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Published on: 04/04/2016

How to reach men - publication coverThe first phase of the BRAC WASH programme in Bangladesh revealed that existing methods, including house visits and cluster meetings, were not sufficient to reach men and adolescent boys with effective hygiene promotion. Therefore the programme piloted an approach that targets tea stalls, a popular place for Bangladeshi men to gather.

The BRAC/IRC case study begins by explaining why it is important to target men with hygiene and sanitation promotion. It then describes three pilot studies undertaken to test hygiene promotion for men at tea stalls. The studies examined whether tea stall sessions were a suitable channel for hygiene promotion, which handwashing messages appealed to men and adolescent boys, and which visual materials attracted their attention.

The case study provides a set of generic messages for men and boys on handwashing, hygienic latrines and safe water handling and storage. It concludes with recommendations on how to successfully incorporate a tea stall approach in the BRAC WASH Programme.

Krukkert, I. and Da Silva Wells, C., 2015. How to reach men : the missing link in hygiene promotion. The Hague: IRC and Dhaka: BRAC. 11 p. : 1 box, 1 tab., photogr. Download the full publication below.

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