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Published on: 12/11/2020

SERI capture

"Maluti-a-Phofung – a community doing it for themselves" is one of four cases in SERI's Claiming Water Rights in South Africa research series. The case documents the efforts of an unusual coalition of residents and community leaders – known as the Harrismith Water Heroes - who, in the face of continued poor service delivery, took it upon themselves to fix their town's water infrastructure. The Maluti-a-Phofung municipality is by no means unique, and increasing numbers of residents in rural areas, informal settlements and small towns across the country rely on self-provisioned water supply as municipal services fall into deeper disarray. Where government is not able to provide water services, should it enable residents to provide their own services? What are the implications and risks of self-supply? What must be done to address municipalities failure to provide adequate water services?

John Butterworth Director, IRC's Global Hub, self-supply expert, is one of the panellists of the Water Rights Webinar Series #4

The discussion will be focussed on:

• Self-supply in Maluti-a-Phofung in the experience of the Harrismith Water Heroes.

• International and local lessons on the implications, opportunities and risks of self-supply.

• Municipal turnaround strategies.

• The role of the media in shaping public narratives about self-supply.

Invitation: The Water Rights Webinar Series. Self-supply: Lessons from Harrismith’s ‘Water Heroes’

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