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In The Netherlands we organise WASH Debates on wicked topics facing the sector.

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Webinar: Searching for universal sustainability metrics for rural water services

13th Jun 2017

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This webinar is part of a series organised by the Sustainable Services Theme of the Rural Water Supply Network (RWSN). There are presentations from IRC and UNICEF on the challenges to measuring the sustainability of rural water supply services. How can the sector agree on a core set of indicators to gain critical insights in the sustainability of rural water delivery systems and their service outcomes? Can we bring together experiences form rural water point mapping to small town benchmarking to define unifying metrics? What does it take for governments, politicians and other stakeholders to adopt such metrics?

From IRC, Stef Smits will present (in English and Spanish) on "Developing rural water metrics for sustainability". 

There will be two sessions, in English and in Spanish.

The English session will be on Tuesday 13th at 2.30 pm Central European Time/ 8.30 am NYC time and can be joined by clicking here

The Spanish session will be at 4.30 pm CET/ 10.30 am NYC time and can be joined by clicking here.