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Published on: 02/11/2020

This year's MIT Water Summit will focus on the role of water in building resilient systems for the future as we face a changing climate and an increasing population. 

With an emphasis on the water lens, the event will examine the systemic problems exposed by the COVID-19 pandemic and explore approaches to creating more robust and sustainable technology, infrastructure, and policy to solve these issues. The summit will focus on key components of building resilient systems.

The MIT Water Summit is a three-day conference hosted annually by the MIT Water Club, bringing together global leaders and professionals in a virtual format this year.

Join in and listen to the keynotes and panellists speakers. IRC's CEO Patrick Moriarty is on the panel focusing on Health and water, sanitation, and hygiene. This panel will investigate the role of WASH systems in community health, with an emphasis on identifying the historic obstacles to equitable access and solutions for the future.

Mr Moriarty will also join experts on the panel focusing on Using data to drive decisions. In this panel, explores what the digital revolution has enabled us to do with water quality monitoring, and more importantly, what having accurate water quality data can do to improve systems and policy-making. 

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