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In The Netherlands we organise WASH Debates on wicked topics facing the sector.

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RWSN Webinar series on Human right to water - achievable by 2030? 14 April to 16 June 2020

14th Apr 2020 to 16th Jun 2020

Check out the RWSN website for more information on the webinars

What are practical implications to achieve the human right to water by 2030? Solutions to this question will be explored from different practical and legal angles every Tuesday until 16 June 2020 in English, French and/or Spanish.


The following webinars have been scheduled, but due to the pandemic changes may occur:

14 April Demystifying the human right
21 April Using data for water safety
28 April Monitoring SDG targets
05 May JMP database on inequalities
19 May RWSN Mentoring Programme
09 June Affordability
16 June A Hidden Crisis?