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Published on: 08/10/2015

IRC together with its partners will be present at this year's Water and Health Conference at the University of North Carolina (UNC). The 2015 Water and Health Conference: Where Science Meets Policy, organised by The Water Institute at UNC, considers drinking water supply, sanitation, hygiene and water resources in both the developing and developed worlds with a strong public health emphasis. An IRC delegation will attend, and IRC will (co)host a number of key sessions and side events. 

IRC Bangladesh

IRC's highlights 

An extended IRC delegation will attend, including IRC's CEO Patrick Moriarty; Head International and Innovation Programme Catarina Fonseca, IRC Country Directors: IRC Burkina Faso - Juste Nansi; IRC Ghana - Vida Duti; IRC Uganda – Jane Nabunnya Mulumba; Country Program Coordinator, Ethiopia - Bethel Terefe; Country Program Coordinator, India Ruchika Shiva; Senior Expert sanitation Marielle Snel; Head of Fundraising and New Business Development Ton Schouten, Chief Operations Officer Rutger Verkerk; and Associated Senior Advisor to IRC Erma Uytewaal.

IRC's key sessions focus on topics as the Global Goals, public finance, advocacy, experiences from country-specific learning alliances, hygiene and sanitation. IRC's main sessions include: 

  • Learning (and Practice) Alliances: Lessons from grassroots action-research, location: Bellflower,convened by CARE and IRC, Monday 26 Oct. 08:30-10:00 
  • "Keep the water flowing" on post-construction support for rural water service providers, location: Windflower, convened by Improve International and IRC, Tuesday 27 Oct, 08:30 - 10:00
  • Institutional WASH, Location: Marriot hotel, convened by IRC and SuSanA
    Tuesday 27 Oct, 19:00- 20:30
  • Achieving the SDGs: what we need to do in the next five years, location: Windflower, convened by IRC, WaterAid, Water for People and Osprey Foundation, Wednesday 28 Oct. 08:30-10:00 
  • The Future of WASH Advocacy: Where we came from and where are we going, location: Bellflower, convened by WASH Advocates and IRC, Wednesday 28 Oct. 10:30-12:00 
  • Beyond 'business as usual': Changing behaviors to build sector systems that last, location: Bellflower, convened by Sanitation and Water for All - Country Processes Tasks Team and co-organised with IRC, Thursday 29 Oct. 08:30- 10:00 

  • Primary research around public finance for WASH: ways forward [Flyer], location: Sunflower, convened by WSUP, IRC and Trémolet Consulting, Thursday 29 Oct. 10:30-12:00 

  • Workshop on advocacy organised by WASH Advocates and IRC, location: tbd, convened by WASH Advocates and IRC, Thursday 29 Oct. 12:00 - 18:00  

IRC's poster presentations

Tuesday 27 October

Thursday 29 October

Find the schedule for all poster presentations here.  

Meet for a coffee? 

Are you at UNC and would you like to meet? Come by the Water for People - IRC stand. Please let us know via We look forward to meet you!

Follow our updates from the event at IRCWASH storify







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