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Published on: 12/05/2014

IRC runs a series of events in The Hague, open to all interested parties. These series bring together professionals to network and discuss hot topics in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector. They are forward looking and multidisciplinary in nature presenting the latest thinking from governments, NGOs, private sector and academia.

​A series of four events will be held throughout 2014 to discuss key issues related to WASH.

The second of four of the IRC Event series is titled, “Can we avoid rehabilitation programmes? Managing rural water assets in low income countries” this second series will be held on 3rd June, from 16:30 – 19:00 hours at 7AM a venue in The Hague.

Good intentions are not enough and premature failure of water infrastructure is a well-known problem. What can be done in practice to avoid waste of investment in infrastructure?

Dutch and international organisations will present lessons learnt from low income countries.


16:30-17:00 Welcome: coffee and tea

17:00-17:30 Speakers:

Catarina Fonseca, IRC

Harold Muller, Vitens-Evides International

Jon Allen, Water for Good

17:30-18:15 Discussion

18:15-19:00 Refreshments and networking

Facilitator: Erma Uytewaal, IRC

Venue: 7AM Buitenhof 47, 2513 AH Den Haag

How to get to 7AM - Directions

Register your presence via this email for this event and to be kept informed about future events.







A Note on the Speakers:

Who Catarina Fonseca is

Catarina is a Senior programme officer and the Lead of IRC's Innovation and International Programme. She has fourteen years of experience in the water supply and sanitation sector and pioneered sector development on the understanding of life-cycle costs and financing.
Catarina's detailed Biography.

Who IRC is

IRC is an international think-and-do tank that works with governments, NGOs, entrepreneurs and people around the world to find long-term solutions to the global crisis in water, sanitation and hygiene services. At the heart of its mission is the aim to move from short-term interventions to sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services.

Who Jon Allen is

Jon Allen is the Director of Water Programs at Water for Good. He has worked with Water for Good for 5 years. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and two young sons, and studied Business at North Carolina State University where he concentrated on Supply Chain Management.

Who Water for Good is 

Water for Good provides access to clean water and works to make a lasting improvement in people's lives in one of the world's most neglected countries, the Central African Republic (CAR). Water is the first step out of extreme poverty, and for 10 years we have worked to meet this immediate need, using water as a tangible way to improve lives in villages across CAR. Our teams have drilled over 550 new wells. But new wells are just the beginning! Real transformation happens when the water keeps flowing, year after year, and communities can focus on becoming more prosperous. To keep the water flowing—for good—our teams provide regular well maintenance visits. Through these visits, we build relationships with communities and work with them to initiate projects in agriculture that will empower the community.

Who Harold Muller is

Harold Muller has worked for 25 years in the water sector, the last 10 years as an asset management expert at Vitens with focus on maintenance management, investment planning, risk management and performance management. Last 5 years  involved in asset management projects in Africa and South America. Focus on Asset Management and Non Revenue Water. Lecturer in Water Education. Has a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Engineering, University of Arnhem and Nijmegen University of Professional Education, Arnhem, The Netherlands. He lives in the Netherlands, Ommen, likes sailing and water polo.

Who Vitens Evides International is

Vitens Evides International offers local water companies technical, operational and management support, both in the short term and longer term. The aim is to help water companies to become financially more healthy and to operate more efficiently with a minimum of water loss and non-revenues. In this way, we will be able to contribute to the improvement of drinking water supplies and sanitation in developing countries.

We pursue this by entering into multiple-year partnerships with local companies. Vitens Evides International helps local management by appointing a Resident Project Manager alongside the local manager and by deploying short term staff with specialist expertise on specific assignments. By offering tailor-made solutions to our partners, we are able to strive for the best strategy and way of working for each company.

Vitens Evides International is powered by the two largest water companies of the Netherlands, Vitens and Evides Water company. Together with our Dutch partner WML (Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg) we serve some 8,9 million customers, i.e. 55% of the Netherlands’ population. Through Vitens Evides International, Vitens and Evides Water company jointly contribute to one of the Millennium Development Goals: improving the access to drinking water for the poorest.


Who Erma Uytewaal is

Erma is senior programme officer at IRC, member of the IRC management team. Erma holds a masters degree in human geography from Nijmegen University and has more than twenty years professional experience in development cooperation from different perspectives: multi-lateral (UN) and bi-lateral organisations (DGIS), national government (Bolivia) and commercial (consultancy) sector.



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