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Checking and monitoring sustainability of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) services, 7AM, The Hague

16th Nov 2016

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IRC event presentation

The Netherlands has been at the forefront of ensuring sustainability of WASH services. The IOB policy review in 2012 made it clear that a significant percentage of water and sanitation facilities that were developed with Dutch support, provided poor quality services and had limited sustainability. In its response to the evaluation, the then Minister stated that from then onwards DGIS’ partners would be required to establish a sustainability clause, through which they would be responsible for ensuring the sustainability of services for a period of at least 10 years. Partners would be required to monitor this through sustainability checks. Also in other ways, sustainability is to be ensured, for example by appraising the likely sustainability of programmes already in the formulation phase.

In DGIS’s (draft) WASH strategy to provide water and sanitation services to 30 and 50 million people respectively, there is the requirement for DGIS partners to ensure sustainability for a period of at least 15 years. Mechanisms like sustainability clauses and checks will play an important role in realizing this. 

Focus of the event

This IRC Event provided an opportunity to reflect on the use of mechanisms to check and monitor sustainability of WASH services in different stages of the programming cycle: from the initial appraisals to the monitoring of the actual sustainability.  Specifically, discussion at the event focused on the following questions:

-         What types of sustainability checks need to be applied in the different stages of the programming cycle?

-         To what extent does their application actually result in better services?

-         What need or scope is there to standardise the methodologies of these checks?

Read the event blog entitled "Sustainability: the way forward".

View the event video below


16:30 - 17.00

Coffee and tea/networking


Welcome by Catarina Fonseca (IRC)

17.05 -17.10

Introduction to the programme by the moderator: Stef Smits (IRC)

17.10 -17.55



17.55 - 18.25

Plenary discussion

18:25 - 18.30

Closing remarks and an invitation to drinks and networking           



Time and date: 17.00-18.30h, 16th November 2016

Venue: 7AM, Buitenhof 47, 2513 AH The Hague.  How to get to 7AM - Directions

Download the detailed programme with speaker bios.