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Published on: 03/10/2018

Banner Blue Drinks IV, 9 Oct 2018, The Hague

The Hague edition of Blue Drinks, an event started by the Canadian Water Network, is now being organised for the fourth time. Co-organisers are IRC's Angela Huston and Lisa Andrews from the International Water Association (IWA). Lisa wrote a background article about Blue Drinks just after the inaugural event in The Hague in March this year.

The fourth edition of this bi-monthly networking event for water and environmental professionals takes place in bar and restaurant Cortenaer in The Hague, on 9 October 2018, from 19:30-22:30.


Nicolas Dickinson, WASHnote, who works on the monitoring of infrastructure and utility services in complex settings, often water and sanitation in Africa, and helps public, private and non-profit organisations to integrate monitoring into their regular work. He brings his experience working with diverse stakeholders and working on information technology projects to help procure or co-create sustainable solutions.

Jan Geert van Hall, Bluebots, who will talk about their new venture of real-time data gathering on surface water quality by means of swarm drone boats.

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