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Published on: 13/09/2023

Ahafo Regional Level Learning Alliance Platform (RLLAP) meeting

The Ahafo Regional Coordinating Council in collaboration with IRC, a catalyst of change, working in every corner of water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) to build and strengthen systems that transform lives, is organising the first regional learning alliance meeting under the RCC's Integrated WASH programme to discuss 'The State of WASH Services in the Ahafo Region.'

The purpose is to commence the regional learning alliance process, share information on the state of WASH services in the region, reflect on the insights and key learning points, and to discuss the next steps for improved performance and uptake of innovations for universal WASH services.

The session will start with the welcome and scene setting on the purpose to place the event in context. This will be followed by a brief introduction to the concept of learning alliance and the main topic of the day to inform facilitated interactions and discussions on the way forward towards improved learning and sharing, innovation and upscale in Ahafo Region.

Venue: Ahafo RCC Conference Hall, Goaso
Date: September 14, 2023
Time: 09:00


08:30 Registration/ Networking/ Introduction
Responsibility: All/ Regional Coordinating Council (RCC)

09:30 Opening Prayer / Introduction of dignitaries
Responsibility: RCC/ Moderator

09:40 Welcome opening
Responsibility: RCC

10:00 Setting the scene: Purpose of the RLLAP meeting
Responsibility: RCC

10:15 Introduction to the Concept of Learning Alliance
Responsibility: IRC

10:30 Presentation: 'State of WASH in the Ahafo Region'
Responsibility: IRC with Districts

11:00 Quick Clarifications/ Comments
Responsibility: All

11:30 Cocoa Break
Responsibility: All

11:45 District perspectives on the State of WASH in region
Responsibility: Participating districts

12:30 Q&A/ Discussion
Responsibility: All

13:00 Next steps/ Call to Action: 'The RCC Integrated WASH Programme'
Responsibility: RCC

13:45 Closing remarks
Responsibility: RCC

14:00 Closing Prayer| Lunch | Departure Moderator
Responsibility: All


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