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Find out about events, conferences, workshops and courses in which we and our partners participate. For other events see the WASH Events Calendar.

In The Netherlands we organise WASH Debates on wicked topics facing the sector.

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8th World Water Forum: Sharing Water, Brasilia, Brazil

18th Mar 2018 to 23rd Mar 2018

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The World Water Forum is the world's biggest water-related event and is organised every three years by the World Water Council (WWC). The 8th Forum brings together the world's leading water experts to discuss the nine Forum themes and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The nine Forum themes are: Climate; People; Development; Urban; Ecosystems; Finance; Sharing; Capacity; and Governance.

IRC and Partner's participation

You can meet IRC, Akvo, Wetlands International, and Simavi staff at the shared booth of the Watershed - empowering citizens partners in the Netherlands Pavilion hosted by the Netherlands Water Partnership (NWP) at the World Water Forum EXPO. 

Below is a list of sessions where IRC or Watershed partners will act as (co-)convenor or where IRC staff will give presentations.

TitleDate & locationConvenor(s)Co-convenor(s)IRC/Watershed partner contact person
[OS-TP-67] Session 7.a.1. Multi-stakeholder platforms and practices as a solution to SDG 6' shared challengesMon. 19 March
Room ST5 (M11)
IRC Elynn Walter
Netherlands Water Partnership[NWP] reception in collaboration with the Embassy of the NetherlandsMon. 19 March
Netherlands Pavilion
[OS-TP-59] Session 6.a.2. Broadening the access to financial resources to peri-urban low-income areas and small-scale water servicesTues. 20 March
Room ST4 (M10)
Water.orgIRC, WaterAidCatarina Fonseca
[OS-TP-61] Session 6.b.1. Financing water governanceTues. 20 March
Room ST4 (M10)
 IRCWIN, AFD, FANSACatarina Fonseca
Integrating WASH and freshwater ecosystem conservation to achieve SDGs

Tues. 20 March
Nature Based Solutions Pavilion

Conservation InternationalWetlands International Frank van Weert
[OS-TP-18] Session 2.b.3. Putting in place the necessary building blocks to reach sanitation for allWed. 21 March
Room ST2 (M8)
FANSA Erma Uytewaal and/or Elynn Walter
[OS-TP-82] Session 8.c.1 - Use of mobile phone technology, sensor technology, remote sensing, drones and modelling in water monitoring and management

Wed. 21 March
11:00 AM - 12:30 
Room ST3 (M9)

Akvo World Meteorological Organization (Switzerland)Jeroen van der Sommen
[OS-TP-93] Session 9.c.1. How to enhance multi-level water governance? Wed. 21 March
Room ST7 (M13)
OECD IRC / WatershedErma Uytewaal
[OS-TP-83] Session 8.c.2. Enhancing transparency, accountability and inclusiveness by stakeholders through ICT and capacity building Wed. 21 March
Room ST3 (M9)
CAPNET  Elynn Walter
[OS-TP-84] Session 8.c.3 - Open Source and big data for water use efficiency and sustainable managementWed. 21 March
Room ST3 (M9)
Akvo Jeroen van der Sommen
Wetlands International informal session on Integrating WASH and ecosystems to achieve SDG6

Wed. 21 March
Watershed booth
Netherlands Pavilion

Wetlands InternationalWatershed: IRC, Akvo, SimaviPaul Brotherton and Frank van Weert
Presentation and Discussion: Preliminary findings from Global accountability study for SDG 6 implementation and the role of civil society to hold governments accountable.[Informal session]

Thurs. 22 March
Watershed booth
Netherlands Pavilion

IRCWatershed, Coalition Eau, WSSCC, FANSA, EWPErma Uytewaal and/or Elynn Walter