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8th World Water Forum: Sharing Water, Brasilia, Brazil

18th Mar 2018 to 23rd Mar 2018

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The World Water Forum is the world's biggest water-related event and is organised every three years by the World Water Council (WWC). The Forum brings together the world's leading water experts to discuss the nine 8th Forum themes and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The nine Forum themes are: Climate; People; Development; Urban; Ecosystems; Finance; Sharing; Capacity; and Governance

IRC's participation

Below is a preliminary list of sessions where IRC will act as (co-)convenor or where IRC staff will give presentations. Full details will be available shortly.

TitleConvenor(s)Co-convenor(s)IRC contact person
Putting in place necessary building blocks to reach sanitation for allFANSA Erma Uytewaal
Multi-level water governanceIRC / Watershed Erma Uytewaal
Financing governance for WASH and IWRM  Catarina Fonseca
Broadening the access to financial resources to peri-urban low-income areas and small scale water servicesWater.orgIRC, WaterAidCatarina Fonseca
Enhancing transparency, accountability and inclusiveness by stakeholders through ICT and capacity buildingAkvo / CAPNET Erma Uytewaal
Multi-stakeholder platforms and practices as a solution to SDG 6' shared challengesIRC John Butterworth

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