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IRC Branding guidelines

Welcome to IRC's brand guidelines.

Using the IRC brand

Over 2013, IRC developed a new identity to support our work. This identity builds off the key attributes of our brand - particularly our vision of being a driving force for positive disruption of the status quo in the water, sanitation and hygiene sector.

By applying this new identity in a consistent and professional manner across all our work, we will render it more forceful and thus more powerful. We will make our contribution to change more visible, and our brand more understandable to those with whom we work.

Our brand is an important piece of intellectual property with rules to protect its usage. If you have permission to use our brand then please follow our guidelines.   

IRC partners and external organisations collaborating with IRC are entitled to use our logo and strapline after completing an indemnity form confirming the brand will be used within our guidelines.

We hope that you find these guidelines both useful and inspiring in your work over the coming years.

How do I request the logo?

Organisations should contact communications and permission will be granted upon a satisfactory proof of showing how the logo is to be used.

Below you will find a downloadable guide that will take you through the process of applying IRC's new identity in a consistent and powerful manner across all forms of communications.

How do I use the logo?

Our design guidelines provide detailed guidance on using the logo and strapline with clear examples.

Approval of the branded material must be given before going to print. Final artwork should be emailed to communications.