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LINC conducts a network analysis of interactions for a local sanitation platform.

Learning alliance set up meeting, Woliso

IRC is working with LINC, Tetra Tech, and the University of Colorado Boulder under the Sustainable WASH Systems Initiative (SWSI) Project funded by USAID to develop and manage learning alliances, locally-led platforms that bring together stakeholders with a common goal of bringing sustainable WASH systems. One of the learning alliances is being set up by SWSI in Woliso, a town about 115 km from Addis Ababa, focusing on sustainable sanitation in urban areas.

Woliso Sanitation Information Sharing Organizational Network

As part of the baseline analyses, LINC conducted a network analysis of interactions among all of the key town sanitation stakeholder organisations, examining how these organisations interact to share information, solve problems, and coordinate activities. Here is a blog on the network analysis in Woliso town by Matthew Guttentag, Program Director, LINC.


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